Storytelling lesson by Don Draper at Mad Men

Paul Zak - Future of Storytelling

Dr. Zak, a founding pioneer in the emerging field of neuroeconomics, closely monitored the neural activity of hundreds of people who viewed Ben’s story. What he discovered is that even the simplest narrative, if it is highly engaging and follows the classic dramatic arc outlined by the German playwright Gustav Freytag, can evoke powerful empathic responses associated with specific neurochemicals, namely cortisol and oxytocin. Those brain responses, in turn, can translate readily into concrete action—in the case of Dr. Zak’s study subjects, generous donations to charity and even monetary gifts to fellow participants. By contrast, stories that fail to follow the dramatic arc of rising action/climax/denouement—no matter how outwardly happy or pleasant those stories may be—elicit little if any emotional or chemical response, and correspond to a similar absence of action. Dr. Zak’s conclusions hold profound implications for the role of storytelling in a vast range of professional and public milieus.”

Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.

How to build a fictional world - TED Ed

JWTIntelligence - 10 Trends for 2014 in 2 minutes

Content Marketing and The Power of Story

The idea of this video is that content marketing has been around for hundreds of years, but just now has it really gained prominent attention, where about 25% of marketing budgets are devoted to content marketing.

The Audience Has An Audience

Kevin Slavin and Kenyatta Cheese argue that people have “a fundamental feeling of wanting to be in sync with each other.”

Authentic Branding for a Global Audience | Angela Ahrendts CEO of Burberry at Future of Storytelling

Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey have transformed the way Burberry engages with the world, from its consumers to its associates, leveraging disruptive technology to share its pure brand vision through content-rich, compelling storytelling.

Persuasion and the Power of Story: Jennifer Aaker at Future of Storytelling 2013

Jennifer Aaker studies happiness, and how stories can affect our happiness; she believes that stories are more meaningful — more memorable, more impactful, and more personal—than statistics alone. When used with statistical data, stories are an incredible persuasive tool that can help us as humans decide what to believe in a world that is otherwise incredibly over-saturated with information.

Kevin Spacey urges TV Channels to give control to viewers 


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