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Nintendo History Animated by RetroGameAddict

David Perry: Are games better than life?

Game designer David Perry says tomorrow’s videogames will be more than mere fun to the next generation of gamers. They’ll be lush, complex, emotional experiences — more involving and meaningful to some than real life. With an excerpt from Michael Highland’s film “As Real as Your Life.”

The Making of Defiance: A Transmedia Revolution 

A look behind the scenes of Defiance, the groundbreaking entertainment experience interconnecting a Syfy television series and multi-platform shooter mmo from Trion Worlds.

Jesse Schell | When games invade real life at DICE Summit 2010

Games are invading the real world — and the runaway popularity of Farmville and Guitar Hero is just the beginning, says Jesse Schell. At the DICE Summit, he makes a startling prediction: a future where 1-ups and experience points break “out of the box” and into every part of our daily lives.

Beyond Facebook, beyond consoles and even computer screens, games are becoming the medium for everyday life, says game designer Jesse Schell.

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The creativity of indie video games | Off Book | PBS

The video game industry is now bigger than Hollywood, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent developing these interactive experiences. But there are also small-scale developers working in the indie game realm, creating unique and experimental video games without the budgets of the larger “AAA” games. These indie game developers devote time, money, and take great risks in a quest to realize their creative vision. They deftly balance game mechanics & systems, sound & visuals, and an immersive storytelling experience to push the gaming medium into revolutionary new territory. Much like indie music or indie film, the indie gaming movement provides a creative outlet for game designers who want to work outside of the mainstream.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex, a new game from Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds. 

A brief history of video games

 An abridged history of video games in under three minutes. Made using only sounds, music and video from the video games themselves. Produced for by Reverse Enginears featuring P Sus.

Collider World, new @BeActiveMedia transmedia series

Misteriously transported to a post-apocalyptic future. Six people find themselves involve in a race against time to find a way to get back to the present and save mankind.

Watch the series. Read the comics. Play the game.

Homeland Interactive Surveillance 

Help CIA agent Carrie Mathison stop a terrorist plot through this YouTube interactive game created by ShowTime .

Rovio’s Angry Birds Franchise Will Expand With Animated Television Series via @THR 

Ralph Baer, inventor of  videogames: a portrait by @Dbfphoto

Ralph Baer is often called the father of video games. His invention, the Magnavox Odyssey, was the first home console system.